Since its creation, SEDEA has continued to innovate to forge an essential know-how in the field of digital reception:


  • 1974: In the early days, the company manufactures and distributes products for wireless reception
  • 1984: The company takes a second flight. The hertzian reception market explodes with the arrival of a multitude of television channels
  • 1990: SEDEA prepares the arrival of the satellite and develops high-performance equipment that allows the French to open their audiovisual space to the whole world
  • 2005: The company is studying new products dedicated to the reception of images and digital sound. A revolutionary technology: DTT (Terrestrial Digital Television) makes it possible to increase the number of channels received
  • 2016: A new upheaval takes place in digital terrestrial reception. SEDEA anticipates and proposes adapted products: French can now receive more channels in high definition

To date, the company is organized around 6 major product families: Satellite, Terrestrial, Audio Video, Collective, Fixing and Measurement.

The upheavals that are taking place in the world of image and sound are spurring society has brought to its customers the best of technology.