SEDEA, French manufacturer, has been animated for several decades by a stable governance and family capital.

His motivated team, at the heart of innovation, characterizes it.

Specialized, leader in the design and distribution of Audio / Video products for the reception and distribution of signals; we offer solutions for the world of image and sound, video protection and electronic security (alarm, access control, fire, intercom, low current cables).

Today, more broadly, in smarthome, smartbuilding, for that of a “connected and secure environment”, our offer clearly responds to this strong trend, we treat the “more protect client”, “plug & play” technology (simple connected products, innovative, easy to install yourself) a Wifi IP camera, to that of professional home automation GTC / GTB (Radio, Wired, Hybrid) for use in the tertiary or industry (KNX, EnOcean …). The associated applications and supervision software are developed internally and on demand (MITRA, Hestia by SEDEA).

We sell a wide range of accessories: cables, fixing, TV supports, connectors (HDMI, Networks, RF, IP, WiFi, TNT …).

Our customers / partners are installers, integrators, home automation schools, retailers food, DIY (phygital strategy, omnichannel, LDD, MDD) with a techno and normative watch, large export, EU and DOM-TOM our means are integrated and constituted of experts: R & D, developers, project mode engineering, digital division, supply chain (building 10000 m²), after-sales service, customer relations, technical sales, specialized hotline.

Particularités :
  • Licensed Canal + logistics platform
  • Ability to control high amplitudes of C.A. (Ex: switch TNT)
  • Skill
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility

Stéphane Oorreel,
General Manager of Sedea